The Writers Forum logo

The need for a logo was identified some time during 2003 by Lawrence Upton, then co-convenor of Writers Forum.

Writers Forum is a serious publisher; and, though it is non-profit-making, it needs to sell titles in order to be able to produce more. It must mark the authenticity of its titles and do what it can to draw attention to what it is doing without compromise.

Upton made a set of twelve "visual poetry" variations on the two letters, w and f, and sent the variations to his then co-convenor, who selected the one that Upton says he would have chosen; so the decision was straightforward: in retrospect, it seems obvious that it is the one to choose.

The logo is a poem, a rather brief poem, but a poem; as is the sequence of 12 from which it was chosen. That sequence is not be such a wonderful poem, although something might be done with it by making changes; and there are colour variations which await publication.

Good or bad, they are Upton's poems and copyright: and they may only be used with explicit permission.

Not all publications from the press have borne the wf logo poem. For instance, the latest publication at the time of writing, published on 9th October 2010, is a reprint of a title issued on 25th December 2001 by the late Bob Cobbing while he still convened the WF workshop and ran the press, before the logo existed. Because his excellent design did not allow for the logo, the judgement was made not to use it.

The 12 wf logo poems follow:-

This page was made at the request of a member of Writers Forum Workshop.